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Our Philosophy

We provide a caring and loving environment for preschoolers of our community.  This is an important ministry of our church and has earned a wonderful reputation over the years.  Lucia Hassen, Director, and her staff give all the children a positive "first experience" with school.  Our philosophy at Westminster Nursery School continues to be one of implementing developmentally appropriate practices to insure social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual growth in young children. 

Our Facilities

Classes meet in attractive sunny rooms. Each room is arranged with learning centers including a book nook, writing table, paint easel, art table, and carpeted block and floor play area. An ever-expanding library of children’s books offers the classics and the newest in children’s literature. The 2 1/2 hour program offers a daily large motor playtime. Our outdoor playground is supplied with early childhood equipment and is surfaced with certified playground wood chips. During inclement weather, children use our indoor playroom equipped with a kitchen area, sand box, large block area and large-motor game area.


During September, the children get to know each other and the school. The 4 year olds start October off with a field trip to the pumpkin/apple farm. The Nursery School Open House gives parents a chance to take a peek into a day at Nursery School through a digital slide presentation. Science activities abound in October and November for all children as they see what is inside an apple and pumpkin, observe squirrels gathering acorns for winter, and watch the leaves change color and fall. November and December is time for sharing and caring as the children bring in baby food to share with those less fortunate via a food bank and celebrate Thanksgiving with a "sharing" fruit salad. January and February bring units on space, the day/night sky, bears and, of course, Valentines. As springtime approaches, the children are busy creating masterpieces in anticipation of the art show and reception. Each child's artwork is on display for the month of April. Spring also brings our Mother's Day celebrations. The children make gifts, bake goodies for the celebration and practice our special Mother's Day songs. At the end of May, the entire Westminster Nursery School family (including moms, dads and siblings) marches in the Memorial Day parade. Before we know it, June has arrived and the school year is over!

Our History

Westminster Nursery School was established in 1971 under the auspices of the Westminster Presbyterian Church as a non-profit organization and licensed by the state of New Jersey. Children of all religious faiths and nationalities are welcome and encouraged to share their varied cultures. Given the opportunity to make discoveries about himself/herself and his/her world, in a secure comfortable environment, a child is better able to develop positive self esteem and life-long enthusiasm for learning.

Typical Class Offerings

2 ½ year old – Tue/Thu

3 year old – Tue/Thu

3 year old – Mon/Wed/Fri

4 year old – Mon/Wed/Fri

4 year old – Monday-Thursday

4 year old – Monday-Friday

Early Drop  Off - 8:30 AM

Preschool - 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

3s Lunch & Learn – 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM

4s Enrichment - 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Music and Movement

Movement and music are incorporated into our program as a balance of spontaneous and guided activities which help children develop many life skills. Through the use of games, music, props and developmental equipment, the children are encouraged to explore, express, create and joyfully participate in their development.

Extended Day Enrichment

Westminster offers three-hour extended day programs for three and four year olds. These classes are designed to add ancillary enrichment programs in addition to the daily schedule. Research has shown that enrichment experiences in the early years not only make a difference, but are actually considered critical because the brain is developing so rapidly. Children learn in a small group setting, taught by our enthusiastic teachers.  Children learn and explore outside of their traditional classroom routine.  It also provides your budding scientist, artist or chef with extra time to do what they love best!  Some developmentally appropriate programs your child can look forward to experiencing will be:

  • Science Adventure

  • Let's Travel

  • Kid Chefs

  • Story Time and Beyond

  • Science and Nature

  • Art

  • Dinosaurs

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