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Westminster Nursery School Times - March 2021

Music Week

Traditionally we have celebrated music in the middle of March with musical guests and daily morning music assemblies. We are pleased to say that we did not give up on this tradition! While we limited our assemblies to Monday and Friday and were not able to welcome guests, we still managed to celebrate. Classes made their own instruments, saw the inside of a piano (230 strings! Hammers covered in felt!), played a variety of instruments in their classrooms (including their voices!) and learned about musical families (Strings, Wind, Percussion, Brass). Mrs. Hassen demonstrated her violin and Wednesday’s students danced and played their instruments to Irish Jigs on St. Patrick’s Day.

Spring Break

Yes! Spring really is on its way! Our break begins Tuesday March 30th (we are in school Monday March 29th to “give back” a day we lost to snow) School resumes Monday April 5th. If you are planning on traveling, please be aware of the latest information re: NJ travel restrictions and continue to follow COVID protocol.

COVID guidance

Thank you! Our school has been so fortunate to have families, staff, and students following the latest guidance with regards to COVID-19. We staff continue to be amazed at how well our students are doing with masks, hand washing and sanitizing and distancing.

Helping Others

The students made placemats for their families in November. This month they helped others by making placemats for the residents of Autumn Lake Healthcare right here in Berkeley Heights. Mrs. Hassen will deliver them Monday 22nd with a card the students signed.

Extended Day Options for 2021-2022

Please visit our website at for flyers on our new extended-day options for 3’s, 4’s and Kindergarteners. We will also be offering Early Drop Off next year at 8:30am.


  • Please remember to sign your child in and out each day as required by the NJ State Department of Children and Families Office of Licensing.

  • The final tuition payment for this year is due April 1

  • Remember to register for next year, including extended day options

Upcoming Calendar Dates

  • March 27 Passover begins at sundown

  • April 4 Easter Sunday

  • Late April – The annual art show will be in the form of a slide show this year – keep your eyes peeled for a late April reveal!

Please visit our FB page for pictures of our weekly happenings!

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