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Westminster Nursery School Times - April 2021

What a beautiful Spring! We are lucky Westminster Nursery School has such beautiful grounds. Our students are learning about the signs of spring first hand – hearing the birds chirping (and wood pecking) and seeing the daffodils, forsythia, and cherry tree blooming. Some classes are planting their own flower seeds this month and are learning what a seed needs to grow. Soon each class will be getting caterpillars and what do you think will happen when they grow?

Community Service In March the students and staff made placemats for the residents of Autumn Lake Healthcare. Autumn Lake posted a heartfelt thank you on their FB page which was shared on Westminster’s FB page. In addition, they sent us a card stating in part, “When we look down and see how beautiful our placemats are, we cannot help but to smile and feel so happy”. It makes us smile and feel happy reading that!

Pajama Program Look for the launch of our pajama drive in May! We will be collecting nightgowns and complete sets of pajamas for moms in need and their children! Donations will go to The Pajama Program, a not-for-profit organization in New Jersey which provides new pajamas for children and adults in need.

Art Show The annual Westminster Art Show will be virtual this year. The teachers have been taking pictures all year long featuring each child with art he/she was especially proud of, or had the most fun creating! A video compilation will be “released” sometime at the end of April. As we cannot hold our usual treat-filled reception, please plan to watch with your young artist and celebrate with treats at home!

Mother’s Day Celebration Mrs. Ripps’ and Mrs. Bocian’s classes are looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day outside this year - Wednesday May 5th 9:00, or Friday May 6th if it rains Wednesday. Moms will come to school with their child for a brief celebration (30 minutes). If Mom cannot attend, you are more than welcome to make arrangements for another special person to attend.

Pictures! Mr. Bill from Positive Image was here Tuesday and Friday taking pictures! I am so glad we did not have to forego this tradition this year. Pictures were taken safely outside; individual photos were taken without masks, and class photos with the children close together were taken with masks. Information on how to order your photo package was emailed to your homes.

Safety As the COVID crisis continues, I want to let you know that the teachers and staff are now completely vaccinated. While we cannot vaccinate the school, we did get the second stamp of approval from the NJ Department of Children and Families Office of Licensing upon their health and safety check early this month.

Congrats to ALL of us, it takes a Village!!

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