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The Westminster Nursery School Times - December 2020

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

This holiday season it is important to keep our gratitude for what we have at the forefront of our day. This is how we will remain positive in the midst of such uncertainty. We at Westminster are grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to educate your children socially, emotionally and academically. We are grateful to your children for bringing such light into our days. Whatever holiday your family celebrates at this time of year, we extend our best wishes for a holiday filled with peace, joy and cherished family time.

It is cold outside! We try to get outside as much as possible! Please dress your child appropriately for the cold weather with jackets, hats and mittens. The teachers would appreciate it if the children wore mittens instead of gloves (saves lots of time when we are getting ready to go outside). If your child wears snow boots to school, please bring shoes he/she can put on for the classroom. Snow boots can be a problem on the stairs, so we ask that your child not wear snow boots all day. Please note that our rooms may be a little colder than usual this year as we are keeping upper classroom windows open just enough to keep air circulating.

Parking lot With the winter weather upon us, we can expect some snow and ice. Please take extra care when walking and driving in the parking lot. While it goes without saying that all drivers should be driving slowly, this is especially true in slippery conditions. In addition, please be mindful of other vehicles parked in the parking lot when opening car doors and pulling out of parking spaces.

Thank you for Sharing and Caring Thank you for your donations of baby food! Your generosity is appreciated, especially during these times of adversity.

Snow Day and Delayed Opening Reminder Westminster Nursery School follows the Berkeley Heights Public Schools when it comes to closings and delayed openings due to inclement weather. Parents will be receiving an e-mail between 5:30 am and 6:00 am in the event of a closing or delayed opening. If there is a delayed opening, classes will be in session from 10:00am until noon. Should you have questions regarding this policy, please contact the office.

Registration Dates for Registration 2021-2022 have not been finalized but will most likely occur in late January. Current families will be alerted first once a date is confirmed. The nursery school website ( will be updated with the registration application and tuition information.

Facebook Stay in the know with Westminster’s Facebook Page. We are posting pictures frequently to give you a sense of what our school is all about.

Calendar Dates

Tuesday December 22 is our last day before winter break. School resumes Monday January 4.

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