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Westminster Nursery School Times

Art Show

Thanks go to all of our moms who provided our “goodies” for the art show.

Families were enjoying delicious punch and cookies, brownies and “goodies” of every description. Most of all, the families seemed to be enjoying the opportunity to meet and talk with each other as their children were awed by the idea of being at school at night time. The very happy noise level was enough to let our staff know that the evening was a great success and certainly a worthwhile experience for all involved.

Field Day

What a great Field Day! Thanks to Mrs. Gonzalez and all the volunteers that helped! Quoting some of the children, “this was the best day ever!”

Mother’s Day Brunch

Well, spring has really come to school at last! We have really been taking advantage of the weather to explore the changes that nature has brought about – blossoming trees, budding daffodils and those ever popular dandelions that the children think are so pretty. May is here, and that brings another traditional event – Mother’s Day Brunch! We have been practicing our songs, so get ready and we will see you on either May 7th or 10th. The children are very excited about the “party” they are having for their Moms. We hope you enjoy it as much as the children and staff do. The Mother’s Day brunches are scheduled as follows:

Tuesday, May 7th, 9:15-9:45 AM

Mrs. Losada’s class

Mrs .Machin’s T/Th class

Mrs. Bocian’s T/Th class

Friday, May 10th, 9:15-9:45 AM

Mrs. Bocian’s M/W/F class

Mrs. Ripps’ M/W/F class

Spring Camp

Registration information was distributed for Spring Enrichment Camp 2019. Please return forms and payment by May 5th.

Community Helper Field Trips for 4’s

Our “community helper” field trips will be held in May. Thank you in advance to all of the parents who will drive. Without volunteer drivers, we would not be able to schedule these field trips.


Now that spring is here, we are outside on the playground everyday (unless it is raining). The children are also working on gross motor skills with Mrs. Gonzalez in Movement by participating in various obstacle courses. In order for the children to fully join in these activities, they need to wear sneakers and socks. We know that the children want to wear those new sandals they have gotten, but it really is a safety issue and they spend their playtime emptying the wood chips from their sandals. Please tell your child they can wear their sandals at home, but at school they need to wear their sneakers. Thanks for your help with this!

Extended Day/Stay and Play

Bills for March and April Lunch Bunch are being distributed shortly. The last Extended Day/Stay and Play will be held on June 3.

Calendar Dates

  • Tuesday, 5/7 - Mother's Day Brunch - AM

  • Friday, 5/10 – Mother’s Day Brunch – AM

  • Friday, 5/24, Monday, 5/27 and Tuesday, 5/28 – School Closed – Memorial Day

“Helping young children develop the social skills necessary to succeed is a crucial task for teachers and parents. Such skills are not only necessary for enhancing social and emotional connections, which promote a feeling of belonging versus isolation and loneliness, but they are also clearly essential in the development of academic success.”

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