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The Westminster Nursery School Times

Back to School Night Our annual Open House for parents will be held on October 2nd. This is an opportunity for you to take a peek into “A Day at Westminster Nursery School”. You will have an opportunity to visit your child’s classroom. The program will begin at 7:00 PM and end around 8:00 PM and is intended for adults only. Your children will bake snacks in school for you to enjoy. Extended Day and Stay and Play We want to remind parents that Extended Day and Stay and Play have begun and these programs of artwork, games, stories and playtime are available Monday-Friday afternoons. Sign-Up sheets are located on the bulletin board by the door to the playground. Pick-up time for each session is either 1:00 or 2:30 PM. Picture Days Student and class pictures will be taken on Tuesday, October 24th and Wednesday, October 25th. Positive Image photography has taken our pictures for many years and one is cuter than the next! WNS Nursery School Board The Director of Westminster Nursery School reports to the WNS Nursery School Board. The Board is available to parents if there are issues that cannot be resolved by the staff (the teachers or the director). Attire Reminders Sneakers and socks work best for outdoor play, movement and the stairs. “Easy up and down” pants make bathroom visits easier for the children. Outdoor Play Fall has officially arrived and the weather is getting cooler. We will go outside to play as much as possible. Please remember to send a jacket, sweater or sweatshirt on cool days. Long pants are also a suggestion. Teachers will always take the time to help the children put on jackets and sweaters. Tee Shirt/Sweatshirt Spirit Wear Our annual Tee Shirt and Sweatshirt sale will begin shortly. Flyers will be sent home in your child’s school bag. Order forms and money should be dropped in Mrs. Sang’s mail box in the office. Halloween Children do not wear costumes to school for Halloween, nor do we have a “Halloween Parade”. Through experience, we have found costumes unsafe (especially on the stairs) and uncomfortable to wear for the entire school day and there just is not enough time to dress and undress an entire class during one class session. Calendar Dates

  • Monday, October 2nd – Back to School Night 7 p.m.

  • Monday, October 9th – School Closed

  • Monday, October 16th - Wear Red or Pink Day

  • Tuesday, October 17th – Wear Red or Pink Day

  • Tuesday, October 24th - School Pictures (Mrs. Machin, Mrs. Bocian’s 2 day class, Mrs. Ripps)

  • Wednesday, October 25th - School Pictures (Mrs. Bocian’s 3 day class, Mrs. Losada)

When choosing playthings, keep in mind:

Less is More Open-ended vs. Predictable Do-it-yourself vs. State-of-the-Art

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