The Next Step for 2020-2021 School Year Registration

The $250 non-refundable deposit to secure your child’s place at Westminster for the 2020-2021 school year is due by February 14th.

Valentine’s Day

February is the perfect month to explore “feelings” with children. In each of the classes we have been talking about the people we love, those who are very special to us – family. From there we move on to the people that we care about at school – friends. At circle time we talk about what it means to be a friend and how we would like our friends to treat us. It is never too early to teach children to be kind and loving to others. Valentine cards are one way to show someone that we think they are special. Here at Westminster we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with special snacks and a Valentine exchange. Each child should bring in a Valentine for each of the other children in the class with names on the envelopes on February 12th and 13th.

Dental Health Month

Pediatric hygienists with Pearly Whites in Berkeley Heights will visit on February 25th and 26th and talk with the children about the importance of good dental hygiene and keeping our teeth healthy by eating the proper foods.


When we have snow and your child wears boots to school, please be sure to bring shoes and change your child into them when you arrive. We have found boots to be a problem with some of our Movement activities and on the stairs.

Scholastic Books

Please consider ordering from Scholastic Books for your child. Let them pick out a book, they even have several for $1. It makes your child feel good and it helps Westminster by earning points to get supplies. We don’t do any fundraisers so please consider ordering each month, even one book helps.

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Calendar Dates

  • Wednesday, February 12th - Valentines Exchange (Bocian and Ripps)

  • Thursday, February 13th - Valentines Exchange (Machin)

  • Monday, February 17th - School Closed (President’s Day)

  • Tuesday, February 25th - Dentist Visit

  • Wednesday, February 26th - Dentist Visit

“We’re so busy giving kids what we didn’t have that we’re forgetting to give them what we did have.”

Author Frosty Troy

Welcome Back!

The Nursery School staff wishes each of you a Happy New Year!

What better way to launch a new year than by blasting off into space via our unit on the solar system. We all look forward to this time of year when once again we begin learning about the sun and the planets. This unit captures young imaginations like no other and the fours really look forward to that special trip to the planetarium at Raritan Valley Community College on January 8th.

January isn’t just about space. It’s about snow as well. All of the classes will make snowmen, snowflakes, icicles, mittens, and hats. It’s the time of the year to be inside our classrooms looking through our large windows to see snowflakes gently falling, wind blowing the clouds around, and squirrels only venturing out in a hurry to pick up that one last acorn for their nest. We look forward with your children to a snug, cozy, fun-filled, exciting time at school.

The Next Step for 2020/2021 School Year Registration

The $250 non-refundable deposit to secure your child’s place at Westminster for the 2020/2021 school year is due by February 14th.

Extended Day

Invoices for November and December Early Drop Off and Extended Day will be emailed.

Inclement Weather School Closings Delays

As a reminder, Westminster Nursery School follows the Berkeley Heights Public Schools when dealing with inclement weather closings and delays. Should the Berkeley Heights Public Schools close, Nursery School will be closed. Should the Berkeley Heights Public Schools have a delayed opening, Nursery School will have a delayed opening. For Nursery School, a delayed opening means morning sessions will run from 10:00 AM – 12:00 noon. Emails are sent early in the morning (between 5:30 AM and 6:00 AM).


Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on January 15th and 16th. School is not in session during conferences except for Kindergarten Enrichment. The playroom will be open (with supervision by a Nursery School staff member). Conference time sign-ups will be posted on the classroom doors. Conference days are as follows:

Wednesday, January 15 – AM Conferences (No AM preschool classes; Kindergarten Enrichment classes as scheduled)

Thursday, January 16 – AM Conferences for Tues/Thurs 2 ½ year old class

Calendar Dates

  • Wednesday, January 8th – 4s to Planetarium

  • Wednesday, January 15th - Conferences for 3s and 4s

  • Thursday, January 16th - Conferences for 2 ½s

  • Monday, January 20th – School Closed (Martin Luther King Day)

  • Wednesday, January 22nd - Junior Lab Scientist enrichment begins

  • Monday, January 27th - Pajama Day

  • Tuesday, January 28th - Pajama Day

Winter Weather and Clothing

As winter approaches, scarves, hats and mittens emerge. The teachers would appreciate it if the children wore mittens instead of gloves (saves lots of time if we are getting ready to go outside). If your child wears boots to school, please bring shoes and help your child to change when they arrive and are picked up. Boots are a problem on the stairs, in Movement and in the playroom, so we ask that your child not wear boots all day.

With the winter weather upon us, please take extra care when walking and driving in the parking lot. While it goes without saying that all drivers should be driving slowly, this is especially true in slippery conditions. In addition, please be mindful of other vehicles parked in the parking lot when opening car doors and pulling out of parking spaces.

Special December Holidays

If you would like to share any special holiday or cultural traditions (cooking, craft, story, game, etc.) with your child’s class, please speak with the classroom teacher.

Thank you for Sharing and Caring

Christmas and Chanukah are forever, not for just one day.

For loving, sharing, giving, are not to be put away,

Like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.

The good you do for others is good you do yourself.

Thanks to all who participated in our November sharing and caring activities. The WNS staff hopes that your participation in these activities brought a feeling of satisfaction to each of you in knowing that you made a difference in the life of a less fortunate child.

Snow Day and Delayed Opening Reminder

Westminster Nursery School follows the Berkeley Heights Public Schools when it comes to closings and delayed openings due to inclement weather. Parents will be receiving an e-mail from Kathy between 5:30 am and 6:00 am in the event of a closing or late opening. Should there be a delayed opening, the morning classes at Westminster will be in session from 10:00 am until noon (including morning K-E). Extended Day will run from 12-1 pm. The afternoon K-E classes will be in session from 12:45 pm (lunch at home before you come) until 2:45 pm. Should you have questions regarding this policy, please contact the office.

Registration Reminder

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will begin in January.. Materials and forms will be distributed before Christmas. All tuition prices will remain the same as 2019-2020. If you need additional forms, please stop in the office.

Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch bills will be distributed at the end of December for all November-December Extended Day and Stay and Play sessions.


The nursery school website ( is constantly being updated with selected pictures from your child’s day. Also, Westminster’s Facebook Page is also adding new pictures monthly. Please Like Us on Facebook.

Calendar Dates

  • Monday, December 16th - Registration Materials Distributed

  • Tuesday, December 17th - Registration Materials Distributed

  • Friday, December 20th – Winter Break begins

Holiday Wishes

Whatever holiday your family celebrates at this time of year, the nursery school staff extends their best wishes for a holiday filled with peace, joy and wonderful family time.